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I Went Shopping: The Story of My Life

1) This shirt is actually a forest green and makes me feel like a character from Kieran’s book.  Like, one of Artemis’ archers or maybe even Artemis herself.  In short, this shirt makes me feel like a Greek goddess.

2) This shirt makes me think of Twiggy.  Probably because of the cut, but I’m sure Twiggy would approve of a zebra patterned sweater.  It’s also ridiculously comfortable.  In short, this sweater makes me feel like a fashion model.

3) This shirt is surprisingly a cardigan.  I didn’t realize that until I tried it on. It’s kind of magical in that regard.  It’s also stretchy, but also flowing, and has cute little buttons on the sleeves so I can cuff them.  In short, this cardigan makes me feel like a wizard.

4) This is a plain white cardigan (worn overtop my pajamas, if you must know).  It’s that slouchy, oversized style that looks like I stole the cardigan from my boyfriend or just have really good taste in clothing to begin with.  My friend picked it out.  In short, this cardigan makes me feel loved.

5) This shirt is a freaking majestic fairytale creation straight from Fairytopia or something.  It’s flowing and has drapey sleeves and there’s this woven embroidery nonsense and it ties in the back and looks like I stole it straight from that new Disney film Frozen.  In short, this shirt makes me feel like a majestic ice queen fairy.

In short, I know how to shop.

In short, my wardrobe is basically Narnia.

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